pauerful asked:

My 1st racist experience was back when I was in the 8th gr. and a boy in my class would come with pages of racist jokes he'd print off the internet to read to me. One day he said one with the n-word in it, at that point he knew I wasn't playing anymore so he took off running. I picked up a pencil and chased him around the classroom, when I caught him, I stabbed him so hard in the back that the pencil was sticking out of his back and one of his friends had to help him take it out.



got what he deserved


Just heard on the radio that the jury who will determine whether or not to charge killer cop Darren Wilson for murdering Mike Brown is composed of 3 Black people and 9 whites………….

The justus system at work.

Anonymous asked:

I don't understand why white people or Europeans still call black people monkeys or say aids came from Africans having sex with monkeys when science research proves that there is a direct link between rhesus monkeys and european blood lines 🐸☕️




With that being said, aids was created by a United States Viral Biomedical Engineer .

His name is: Robert Gallo. I suggest looking him up. Along with the fact that the United States has a patent for Ebola.

- Susie

…Oh my god. This guy actually has a patent out for HIV. And the US really does have a patent for ebola.

White people haven’t changed their inhuman tactics at all, the only thing that’s changed is the technology to go along with it.

Back in colonial times it was blankets and clothing infected with diseases that only White Europeans carried. Remember that? They’d give it to the indigenous people of said continent as a peace offering then suddenly everybody is dying of an unknown incurable cause. The people are too weak to form an army and the White people take over the government and enslave the people, take their riches, and rape their women.

Nothing new… But it’s something we shouldn’t get used to. We should be angry and we are.